Back from the show and watching the situation in New Orleans…

13 Jul

I’m back from the show. I need to do some rest and relaxation this weekend.

Over the next 24 hours I’ll be watching the situation in New Orleans carefully. I pulled my Verve – Crescent City Theme Park, Hotel and Resort project from there a few years ago when the drainage systems failed and we had 3 feet of water in downtown New Orleans after a hard rain. My concerns were of course that a real storm would cause catastrophic damage and loss of human life. That was just a few years ago. I had been assured that they had fixed the problems but that’s not what happened when the water came.

After spending all that time on the project, I can’t help but watch the situation carefully. I would love nothing more to be wrong about what I think will happen. The Wall Street Journal has reported today that the Army Core of Engineers has strengthened the system. For the people of New Orleans, I sincerely hope that this is not a lie.

My recommendation would be of course for residents in the path of the storm to evacuate and return afterwards. I’m sorry but after past history and actions, I don’t trust the word of the Army Core of Engineers or officials in New Orleans. I would love to be wrong.

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