The 133 page book is going to the show…take a sneak peek…

09 Jul

You might remember a while back I mentioned that I created a 133 page book for my client that’s a high end jewelry store. This is photography and design. Jewelry for advertisements or books is the singles hardest thing for a photographer to shoot. Well, we decided to get two printouts of the book and take it to the show at Atlanta for people to leaf through so they could understand the context.

This copy has some mistakes in it but there just wasn’t time to correct them. Overall, it’s in pretty good shape. Would you like to see it? This was a major piece of work for me.

This will take a few minutes to load the PDF in your browser because it is 133 pages. It’s a book designed for print so that’s part of why the file is so large to load. The book combines some older photography that I didn’t shoot with my work.

Click here to load the PDF in your browser. Use the zoom out button to be able to fit the book in the window.

Sometimes people who read the blog don’t realize that my background is in both computer science and design (photography, publications, real estate design, yacht and auto, merchandise, etc.) Florida Web Development and Carolina Web Development have always been full service advertising agencies. “Laura Kerbyson” was the name assigned to other design projects. I combine that with a very strong marketing background.

To make a 133 page book, it takes multiple shoots in multiple locations. Over the past 18 months, I’ve literally shot thousands and thousands of photos for work on projects like this and the web site, the e-commerce and the store kiosks. Then there’s the editing and cutting out objects…it’s a major piece of work.

I am going to the show in Atlanta this week. My objective is to pitch to big box retailers for Kaufmann de Suisse Jewelers.

Enjoy your peek at the book. When you hear me talk about “working with models” this is what I am referring to in that context. I enjoy working with luxury brands.
I have an extension installed in my Chrome browser for viewing PDFs. You can always add that to your browser.

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