I put in a full day on Worth Avenue…

06 Jul

Honestly, it was good to be back in the office. M. and I had a nice day of working together. I have missed her and this family.

We ended up making a project list. She asked me if I would come in tomorrow. I said, “Sure.” I’m having dinner with a friend up on PGA Blvd tomorrow night so I’ll just come in and continue to work on the new projects – web site changes, new banner, social media, inventory management, etc. And then I’ll quit around 4 p.m. and get my stuff out of the car and get dressed and ready at the office and then head up to PGA. That should work just fine.

Next week she needs me for a full five days. Frankie is out of the office on vacation. Then Frank and I are going to Atlanta for the show. He’ll work the booth at the show and I’ll hunt down big box retailers to make my pitch and try to sign deals.

I’ll be changing the slider images on the front of the web site. It was interesting to go through the Master Drive and see the sheer number of photos that I have shot in the past year and half. It was fun to pull favorites out of the folders that will be made into animations. I kept thinking things like, “Oh, I remember this model! I remember this shoot!” The shoot days are some of the most grueling days of the year but the rewards are so great when you see the completed product. There is a massive book of material in what I’ve shot. I like to be behind the camera because it’s a creative opportunity and it’s where everything we’ve done comes together. The jewelry is designed and made on site. M. styles the clothes. I pick the background and position and mannerisms of the model. After the shoot, I edited the shots to make everyone look younger and I try to bring out the Rockstar in the product, the model and the scene at hand. It’s fun to see it all come together. And when you’re looking at 18 months worth of photography alone, not to mention how many years it took to make all that jewelry. It’s amazing and it’s fun. The past several years, I’ve worked almost exclusively with luxury brands.

All the projects combined are an incredible amount of work – the photography, the kiosk, the web site, the advertising, the social media channels, inventory management (everyone’s least favorite), the magazine covers, Amazon, Ebay – there’s a never ending list of things to pursue. But it sure is a fun product line.

We haven’t planned beyond next week yet. M. will be taking a 3 week vacation and we’ll all go on break at that time.

I’m looking forward to the show because it’s something new and different. I once knew someone who did very, very well at this show. Hopefully, that will be our result. We’ll see if these products fit this show.

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