The temporary plan until there is a new deal…

02 Jul

I talked to M. last night, who generously called me and said, “Hey why don’t you come back and do three days a week with us while you spend two days a week looking for a new deal.”

I am taking her up on the offer because of the money that fiasco just cost me. That and I got hugs the last time I was in the store on Worth. She and I talked about it and when you look at the time lost in this deal that converts to money lost. I really appreciate her reaching out to do this. I would do the same for her. But it really means a lot that she would do it for me.

When she needed help recently, of course I stepped up to the plate to help. There are very few former clients that I wouldn’t step up to the plate to help. The only ones are the ones I had to sue to get payment or I just didn’t want to make the time and money to sue to collect payment. For those people, I’m sorry but if they called needing me, I wouldn’t help them because they think good business is just using services and not paying bills. What they call “good business”, I call “theft.” It happens to advertising agencies all the time but you certainly get more guarded in the deals and how you make them. Business has it’s share of people looking to take advantage.

At any rate M. is not like that and I’m glad to take something off her shoulders that she wasn’t looking forward to doing. I’ll be going to the Atlanta show for retailers and it will be my job to try to make deals with big box retailers on a couple of specific products. This is something I haven’t done before but I’m willing to try it and put everything I have into it. I’m certainly not afraid to go for it. That show is July 10-14th.

When I opened up my first company 9 years ago, “the pitch” was the thing I had the least experience with in life. I was an expert in my areas of expertise but not in my ability to sell and wheel and deal. I continued to work on it through the years in order to better myself. Now I look forward to pitches. If you continue to work on weaknesses long enough, you eventually get confident in your abilities and you’ll look forward to the thing you most hated. That’s the truth. And in business you need sales and revenue and they are obtained in many different ways. No matter what business you do in life, the sales skills are skills you need to have.

So when I’m back I’ll do three days a week working with her marketing, advertising, technology and 2-3 days of looking for the next deal.

That’s the plan in the meantime and it’s another opportunity to use that skill.

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