The new deal is completely dead…

02 Jul

The new deal that was supposed to start today is over. There was some fraud involved in this. I’m still doing a little investigating because I don’t fully understand the motivation behind the fraud or all the facts here.

I’m going to make a few phone calls tomorrow because there are more people who may not be aware .

I took a month’s vacation thinking that we were starting on a new deal today. They used the name of a legitimate business to try to rope me into something that’s not even a real company. All I can tell you is that there was some serious deception involved in this. I wasted a month without lining something up because we had signed agreements. And by all appearances, after my discoveries today, they are all fraudulent. And yes, you can bet I called about it today.

It’s shocking but there are some really unprofessional people out there who are just looking for an opportunity to take advantage.

My gut tells me there’s a lot more here than even meets the eye.

So I’ll be back to looking for the next deal.

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