30 Jun

I went in yesterday to see M. There’s a lot of things that she doesn’t know where they are or how they work. That’s normal because I was handing so many things. They couldn’t get into the server account because someone changed the password and wrote down the wrong one.

So I spent a few minutes straightening all that out and showing her where thing are located. If she gets into trouble she knows she can call me and I’ll come in to help. I would never leave a client stranded ever.

Then we talked about my new deal starting on Monday that I am trying out for 3 months.

We also talked about how we’re moving our relationship from business to friend mode and we’ll make plans to go out now.

I got some big hugs from M. and Frankie and it was good to see them. It looks like every one is doing well, which I am glad to see.

Then I went to the gym for hours and worked out and visited the spa. It was very nice. I didn’t want to go out last night but it turns out that’s a good night for going to the gym. I was telling my mother, “I’m actually wearing a size 4 again.”

I hope I can maintain this type of schedule once the new deal starts. I feel like I am making progress.

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