Ordering shoes for Paris….

11 Jun

I need a pair of walking shoes for Paris. I ordered a pair, but you know how this goes – they might and they might not fit.

Now I am looking for sandals.

It’s been an interesting week. There’s been some meetings and discussions and the, “Do I want this? How would this work?” kind of thing.

I am hoping that our crazy weather in Florida is over. It’s a beautiful day today. I got to enjoy a really nice, long walk yesterday and hopefully the weather will hold out and I’ll get to do it again today. I am so enjoying the moments like this. This is what happens when you get over worked and suddenly you give yourself some time. Normal, everyday things become golden.

I found a whole series of sunset photos when I was cleaning out a hard drive.  I took these years ago but they are so pretty. I am thinking later in the week I might post them for everyone to enjoy. There are so fabulous colors in the shots.

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