My really interesting friend is coming back to town…

09 Jun

Oh Jules will like this one.

Remember the financial wiz that I had dinner with a couple of months ago? He’s coming back to town. He called me.

He was really interesting because his undergraduate was in Computer Graphics. I’m probably the only woman he ever met that really understands what that actually is… We had dinner. He went back to New York. Etc.

If you’ve known me for a while then you know a big part of what ended G. and Me years ago was that Palm Beach County was much better for business opportunities than Hilton Head. And I reached a certain point at which I said, “I need to go back to Florida because one – I need too and two I am tired of waiting on you.” G. had said he would move his business down here and he never did. He had a lot of strong suits in life, but follow through and making good on what he says are not two of his strong suits. So after four years, we called it quits.

So the interesting part of the phone call was that my friend is coming back into town in a couple of weeks and he’s going to try to move his operations to Miami. Really? How interesting. So I asked him, “How did that investment project on the stock market go that you were working on a couple of months ago?”

He doubled the money. I’m actually not surprised by that given how incredibly smart he is.

So let’s see if dinner with me and Miami become part of the new agenda in a couple of weeks. It’s always interesting to find out who will follow through and who won’t.

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