Today was a check, check on the “to do list” day…

07 Jun

I needed to vary my activities this week because of my neck and my “to do list” that I made recently.

It was a year and half ago when I bought the property that is my current home. Some of you may know that I also do real estate design work. I bought it and hired a contractor. I did the design work, the planning, all the shopping for every material, and was the overall project manager. I did all this at night after having taken on a new client who was requiring a minimum of 45 hours a week of work plus an hour round trip drive every day. It made for some long days. I bought the property from probate so I bought an estate. I very, very quickly went through her things and donated a ton of items and shoved a bunch of stuff in the drawers and said I will deal with it later. I moved my things very quickly into the property, shoved it all into the closets and the drawers and said, “When I get time, I’ll go back and organize all this.” I would work all day and then come home and deal with construction issues and decisions for four hours at night.

It made for some long days. It’s doing 2 full time jobs when you do it the way I did it.

A year and half later, I’m finally going through and organizing some of those drawers. It feels so good to finally get to this item on my list. My life moves 100 mph. But I’m a neat freak. I like my home clean. This is the way it had to get done. I still have a lot to organize, but it feels so good to have accomplished what I got done today. When people would walk into my home, it was spotless. But the items in the drawers, desks, cabinets, closets were not organized enough for my taste.

I reordered the business cards for networking that I actually prefer. The white ones (the original branding for Florida Web Development advertising agency) I think are the most readable and the best designed. So I ordered those and picked them up today. Even the shop said, “Those look really good.” When I hit the networking circuit, I go through a lot of cards. I have plans to get back on that circuit soon. It also breaks up my day from spending all day in front of the computer.

I had a meeting that was a waste of time this morning but that happens. But mostly I’m knocking items off my todo list. For example, one of my computers had over 50,000 emails on it. I am weeding out, deleting, archiving, doing maintenance on my equipment, etc. All this kind of stuff needs to be done and it feels good to finally make some time to get to it.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning and then a dinner tomorrow evening. I hate working on Saturdays but sometimes you have to accommodate another business owner’s schedule and just do it. Hopefully, it will be a good meeting and not like this morning’s meeting that was a waste of time.

As I was walking in from my car today after a trip to the store for drawer organizers, a nice neighbor said to me, “Just let me know if you ever need any help.” It’s really nice that he offered but accepting help has never been a strong suit in my life. I am probably the most independent, self sufficient woman you will ever meet. It would never occur to me to not do something myself.

It’s a blessing and a curse. I know how to do all kinds of crazy things that most people don’t know how to do because I always wanted to do it myself. It’s a curse because wouldn’t it be nice not to have to take the hard road all the time? That’s a definite challenge area for me. I’ll give it some thought.

That was my day and this evening is going to be more organization and nice soak in the tub.

When I was cleaning out and organizing a hard drive, I found this old photo and I realized something.

Most of my design inspirations either come from the colors of the ocean in Palm Beach County or the colors that you see when you fly in the amazing sunsets and sunrises.

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