So how long has that been broken?

06 Jun

I had not had time to look at my own servers in so long, that I didn’t realize that a mail server at Network Solutions quit delivering mail that was needed. I put my clients on their own servers, so I don’t look at mine very often.

So I routed all the traffic from that server to a Godaddy external mail server.

The minute I turn my back, some server company (not Godaddy) breaks something, patches something wrong, or has a spam filter set too tight. It’s like an endless list. I feel like a constant babysitter sometimes. Whenever I come back into the room, there’s been chaos.

So I will apologize if you’ve sent an import email in the past year that didn’t get a response. I didn’t realize that mail was only being partial delivered until today. For clients, I am on top of that stuff when it comes to their technology. I just never seemed to have time to investigate my own servers until this week when I started poking around and now I am fixing all kinds of things. I need a “me” for “me” instead of for someone else. Does that make sense?

Hopefully people know that if you really need to get in touch, call the company line and leave a message. Or text the company number that works as well.

Now I have all the web forms routed through a new email box on a different server.

I have a long list of items that need updating, patched, cleaned out, replaced, etc. I am slowing making my way down the list. I just couldn’t make the time in past year and half to get to these items.

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