05 Jun

Well yesterday was interesting. I went and got checked on my neck. I got 10 shots. Five on each side in order to get it to loosen up because I’m sore. I got a new prescription cream because I had a huge egg on my leg coming up (I have no idea exactly how that part happened). So the cream is meant to take swelling down. Everything seems to be helping today.

I met with a potential new client yesterday. I estimate that the work would take me a month to do. Right in the middle of our meeting at her business, the Internet goes out and it turns out to be a neighborhood problem. So that meeting got rescheduled. And then it was rescheduled again last night. I am hoping to finish the meeting this weekend. I would like to close this as a deal.

Of course I get the usual questions about why are my fees higher? Because I’m delivering a substantially better product with substantially more years of experience and expertise. The price is higher, but it’s a lot of bang for the buck when I’m finished. So I already know that I am up against someone else who just wants to beat it on price. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, you know I am taking some time for myself and do things I haven’t had time to catch up on in years. As you well know this old portfolio site was made a long, long time ago. I was so busy doing everyone’s stuff I had had time to go back and do my old stuff. The server company and I (this one is not Godaddy) had gone round and round for years about I wanted the server upgraded because this server for years wasn’t capable of size of files and code structure I was using. I about fell out of my chair this week when I checked and saw that I can do an installation, which meant the php caps had been raised. When I setup servers for clients they are dedicated servers and I have full control. But this site is an old site on a server I haven’t really used in 10 years. I’m not the admin of this server and it’s not my team at Godaddy. Hence, I just let it go because I was too busy on everything else.

And so that means, I will probably put together a new simple site for that is more modern and representative of Laura Kerbyson as a parent company and some about who I am and what I do. This blog however, at least for now, I’m going to leave in the same directory. I’ll make a new site on top and then link it. Right now I am in the brainstorming stages trying to decide how I want to present it graphically. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to be your own client. Then I have to think about what assets have to be made.

I did get more of the Instagram captions added. They are only letting me put up about 30 a day because I started the account with 430 posts.

Of course you can check it out at

I’m knocking some items off my list as you can see.

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