At least we are still laughing about it…

03 Jun

One of my very good friends and I were on the phone last night. She got the run down on the “week from Hell” but all I could do was laugh through telling the whole story because it’s like a comedy at this point so much went wrong in one week.

- I had to drop my largest income source because I couldn’t take her temper anymore. I still love and care about her but I can’t deal with the temper.

- I went in to get a foot problem checked and ended up having surgery on the spot. The foot is infected.

- I had a suspicious spot on my leg removed. I am fair skinned and no doubt this came from the sun. It’s being very difficult about healing.

- I was in a car that got hit by a car. I’m incredibly sore. With all the little surgeries and being hit by a car, I feel beat up. Like something that’s been dragged through the mud.

- My 1 year old air conditioning system decided to shut down. The repairman was here this morning. At least the problem is solved.

- I had to cancel the ball room dance lessons because I was afraid my dance partner would step on the foot I just had surgery on.

And all we can do is laugh about it. It’s a week from Hell, what are you going do? It happens.

The only thing that was not funny is that my next door neighbor died a few weeks ago. She was very sweet. I am sorry about that because she was a perfect neighbor. But hey, maybe she’s look down at all this laughing about it to.

Tomorrow is a new day. It’s time to end this streak. Well at least my bestie is coming back to town soon so we can laugh about it in person.

I can tell you one thing, I’m sure not setting foot on an airplane until this streak is over.

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