What can I say, Welcome to a New Edition of This Old House…

31 May

This old house being me darling.

This has been a week for what I call maintenance. Foot surgeon, dermatologist, dentist…

And on the business side – Networking.

I do love the networking events. I love meeting the people, learning about their businesses, we have engaging conversations. I love it. I think it’s one of the best parts of business is learning how to work a room.

I hadn’t done networking events in a couple of year now. I forgot how much fun they are.

And it’s also fun to discover that sometimes, it’s a really small world. I walk in tonight to an event in Boca. And a gentleman walks up and tells me, “I had dinner with you and a group of people in Delray last year.”

Wow, he was right. So we got on the conversation of who in the party we had dinner with that evening. I was relieved to learn that he wasn’t really good friends with two of the guys, who turned out to be real users. He wasn’t with them. And I remember this gentleman’s girlfriend. Very sweet girl. It was a pleasure to see him again. Sometimes, it’s a small world and that’s a good thing.

And another good thing is that I met a real estate group and we got onto the subject about whether I would do real estate design work again. I would, if I had another G. G. and I worked together on Hilton Head and flipped properties for four years. He made the buy and I did the design. We did everything from condos to million dollar homes.

When I got to Florida, I did everything by myself, but you need a person who is separate from you as the investor and then it becomes a joint project. That really is how it works best. I would be interested in partnering with some South Florida real estate investors who want to flip and they just want to be the buyer. I have a fabulous contractor. I spent my own money on him and he’s very talented and works very hard and takes direction very well.

G.’s business is different. He’s a foreclosure buyer. In Hilton Head it’s done the old fashioned way – they go to the courthouse and out yell each other. In Florida, it’s online. I went a different route, I bought a property out of probate. And if you need a referral, I just met a good real estate attorney who likes a real mess. You need one sorted out, I know who to call now.

I met real estate people this evening who do it by driving the streets and making phone calls.

There’s a different system for everyone.

I have a great eye for what to buy and how to maximize that investment through design and build.

I bought and redid the property now so that people can actually come to my home and see that I know how to do this. Everyone loves it when they walk through it. The photos don’t do the space justice. That can be a problem sometimes with photography, where it’s difficult for a cameras to capture the light and space accurately.  Some things are hard and some things are easy.

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