Sometimes you have to drop a client…

28 May

I’ve done it before and unfortunately I had to do it again at the end of last week.

I dropped the client I had worked with for a year and half because of her anger management issues. It has been a long standing problem when it comes to our vendors, business relationships and clients. She got out of hand last week and I really thought she was going to turn physical. When I stood up for a vendor, I thought she was going to hit me.

Terminating a client does not mean that I don’t care about that client or want the best for them.

I can only take people with bad tempers for so long. In this case, I did it a year and half. To me, they lack the skills for coping with every day business issues and that inability just makes our vendors lives difficult, client’s lives difficult and in turn my life difficult. There were other factors contributing to the termination of a client. One is that I have literally not had one, single day of vacation during that time period. And only one day out of a year and half did I have a lunch hour. I repeatedly brought that up. The life, work balance with that client was awful. There’s no other way to say it. It’s not a good business model for long term. During the year and half, she removed several members of her team and then those responsibilities became my responsibility. That was fine when we were down one team member. But then it became being down three team members and the trend was continuing. I wasn’t being compensated for all the additional work.

So I’ll now look for a replacement client or opportunity. And I am now taking some days to do some regular life activity like schedule dentist appointments, doctors appointments and even the dance lessons my mother gave me as a gift. And of course, networking functions. I’m taking the time to do some things that I haven’t had time to do. I will look for someone to work with that I feel is more professional in their approach.

And that’s why you will not see anymore jewelry brand work in the portfolio. Part of my philosophy is that people need to be treated like people and in a fair, equitable and professional manner. We just don’t see the situation in the same fashion.


I wasn’t just doing the web site, design work and photography. That’s primarily what you see on the web and through social channels. I was also doing CRM, Inventory Management cloud server, physical servers, office computers and devices, security, some operations and even selling. I don’t have a problem with that but we took all that on when we had a staff. Then slowly everyone on the staff was fired or quit. Then there was no staff.

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