We have our days when it’s fun and when it feels like work…

22 May

The question about the post below was, “Why can’t you off load it?”

I can’t. I can’t send the data offshore or even “on shore.” It’s sensitive data that contains trade secrets. That means that I have to be the one to deal with it, whether it’s a boring process or not.

With trust comes responsibility and responsibility isn’t always exciting.

You see now? I’ll finish it.

Believe me, I’d rather being doing British Vogue but that won’t probably happen until Fall anyways. I still want to push for a geo targeting campaign and a fence. But that won’t happen this summer either.


When it comes to business, we have our fun in this town, we really do. It’s a bit like the Hilton Head philosophy that business is a party except about 10 times larger on scale. Palm Beach is that way too.

But then there’s day when this really feels like work. I’ve got weeks of pushing data where it needs to go and building out a system that I can’t wait to be done with because this is so boring.

So M. and I are reminding ourselves today of, “We live in Paradise. The rest of the country doesn’t get to live like this, keep reminding yourself of that…”

I love summer at home and I hate summer at work when it’s on Worth because all the people are gone for the summer. Which means that it’s when I have to finish the boring and mundane that come after the good stuff.  This was a huge project that was started over a year ago and there’s still a lot to do on it.

I really want to have this done before I go to Paris so I don’t have to think about coming back this one aspect. I just want all the data into the system. And then I can tie everything together when I get back. I don’t think I’ll ever pitch this idea again. It’s good for someone’s business but really, really boring for me.

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