$10 million dollars in deals “like that!”

19 May

I am the Queen of this stuff.

Let me paint you the picture.

I go to the Breakers. I know before I arrive that every woman in that room is wearing a tight, black dress.

So I go white, frilly, and sequined.

Immediately, I turn heads when I walk in the door.——-

Let me say this

if you dare, make one false move and try something you shouldn’t

I will cancel you out.  In a split second. Don’t do it.-


No joke here. A guy walks up to the bar and we’er trying to judge the thickness of his glasses lens because that sure looks like Eric Smidt from Google. Sorry for staring but you’re profile sure meets our mate for business…..

“She’s different. She has the face of an angel. Let’s talk to her.”

The bartenders at the Breakers know me and my reputation well. You take your money to her and she’ll return it 10 times. That’s Laura Kerbyson. You want to talk to her tonight. Go buy her a drink and you’ll walk away with a boat load of advice and new perspective on your business.”

And so they feed them to me. All night long.

Big 8 accounting firms. Fortune 500 who will talk advertising. Couples who’ve been together a few years and are looking for an investment grade diamond. Real Estate firms looking for a seasoned investor and designer who can flip a Palm Beach Property in a matter of weeks for much, much more than you paid for it. Oh, you want to talk to her.

I have the biggest client list of a who’s who in American that anyone could want.

She’s non-threatening. But she moves 100 MPH and can make money on a dime. She’s the Wiz of Palm Beach. Go meet Laura.

And that’s how business is done. And that’s how you make money on a weekend night in Palm Beach that only the rest of the country can dream about.

It takes talent. It takes brains. It takes style. And it takes courage to walk in looking the opposite of everyone in the room.

And that’s how you clean up at The Breakers. An outfit will never compete with me. You must have the whole package.

Very successful evening darling.

Before the evenings over, I’ve been invited to dinner, invited to stay at their homes, invited to accept their investment money. And invited to their upcoming wedding. And they already know one thing – she ALWAYS delivers. When she’s in control, she ALWAYS delivers.

We love her.

And before the night has ended the woman will confess, “I loved your dress more than anyone else’s in the room.”

Fabulous. Thank you so much. I look forward to dinner.

Even a very gracious invite from a 28-year-old. You’re so sweet. Your charming, smart and you’re gorgeous but if you only knew I was 49, I think you would be shocked. I’m very flattered, but a Cougar I am not. You’ll find the right woman, and I’ll probably help you do it.

And they always know. I am genuine. We will be friend a very, very long time as well as great business partners.

And if you try to screw me. I will cut you off. Nothing in a split second. Don’t doubt me.

If you are a player, then play!

Welccome to Palm Beach.\———————-

I know you are here seeking answers,,

The phrase is “Leave me now. Leave me now. Leave me now…..

Put your hand in mine and we become one…

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