The day turned out quite different than I had planned…

12 Apr

There was an important appointment that I had forgotten was scheduled, so when I popped up on my agenda, I had to leave the office early today.

This morning a couple came in to purchase the rare pink diamond in the window. I spent some time talking to them about the investment value of pink diamonds. I explained how the mine was closing. I thought the ring looked lovely on her. She was absolutely adorable.

Because I had to leave early, I didn’t get to hear the end result of whether they bought ring. They asked for our best price in order to make a decision. They asked me to read the tag to them. It was listed at 1.7 million dollars.

I’ll have to wait for Monday afternoon to find out if they made the purchase. Jules and I have an event to attend for The Palm Beach Civic Association Monday morning. It’s a champagne reception at the Henry Flagler Hall. I have to pick out an outfit this weekend. I wonder what she’ll wear this year. I’ll have to give her a call this weekend.

For those of you that don’t live in Palm Beach. This is Henry Flager Hall. The story behind the story is that Julie and I met at this same building for a champagne reception for the mayor over a year ago. Monica also plans to attend Monday so there will be a trifecta.

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