Was I right?

10 Apr

Was I right about the problem with Frankie’s Range Rover?

He told the mechanic what I said. The mechanic said, “Let’s try what I think is wrong with it. I’ve got the parts.”

A couple of hours later a call comes into the office. “It didn’t work. What was it she said she thought needed to be replaced?”

“The ignition coil and the fuel pump,” I said.

A couple of hours later the mechanic calls, “It’s fixed now. She was right.”

I am a walking set of encyclopedias about all kinds of subjects. Because I have a mind that just stores vast quantities of information and I’m a natural born problem solver so I draw on that stored information. It doesn’t matter if it’s real estate, tax codes, medical, cars, boats, airplanes, accurate color information, computer science, names of eyeshadows, colors names of eyeshadows, numbers assigned to the eyeshadows,  or anything.

But there’s no doubt I inherited my father’s mind. He was an engineer. I always tested high for speed at problem solving. It’s one of the things I am good at in life. Pattern recognition and recall of complicated sequences. It is what it is…

I’ve got a scary mind for color. I look at a swatch and hours or days later pick out a paint to match or look at a color on the computer and know the proportions of the number for the hexidecimal or the CMYK. Color and it’s mathematics and color theory are one of my strongest points.

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