It was like being an air traffic controller…

09 Apr

That’s the only way to describe my day.

M. is in Montreal and I’ve got Frankie to look after. By my description you must think he’s a small child but he’s really a 60 year man with a gift for sales and creating total disorganization in 3 seconds or less. Then I have his 21 year old adopted son, who is like a sponge for knowledge and asks me a million questions because he really, really wants to learn everything. Which is kind of amazing considering he didn’t want to go to college.

So the last few days have been like this – open the store, disarm the security systems, open the safe, give the jeweler his work and materials, sign for the Fed X, UPS, Brinks. Open all the packages, photograph everything as I open it, lay everything out and attach it’s paperwork. Put some items in the safe. Take the diamonds out of the safe and put them in the front window. Then I go to the front while Frankie looks at what came in. Then I go back to the office and see that a tornado has blow through it. So I go about asking, “Where’s X? Where Y papework? Did you call client W?”

Then I finally have time to get back to my project. If I can find the right buyer for this piece. I know I can do absolutely, absolutely anything in the world. I am determined to do it. This is a major data and marketing operation. The 21 year peers over my shoulder, “This is a major operation you’ve got going on here. How do you find X? How do you find Y?”

So I educate him. Now he’s doing some of things I was doing. If there’s a piece of information in this world, I will find it. I am relentless when it comes to the Internet. I am the Queen of this. Nothing can hide. It’s like this – when I was growing up, my dad started me on archery at the age of 7. Regular ladies bow. When I go after a piece of information, it’s like harpoon fishing. I find the target. I shoot. I reel it it it. It’s astounding what I’ve uncovered the last two days.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s car quit running. It’s a Range Rover.  “Describe the problem for me and I’ll tell you what it is.”

I get the whole story.

“That’s an ignition coil and fuel pump.” I get on the Internet, I find the parts. I text it to him.

“How do you know all this?”

‘It’s a long story but you would be amazed at all the stuff I do know about all kinds of crazy things.” If people could physically see inside of my head, the sheer amount of data about all kinds of things would be enough to scare them.

Then I do social media, web site updates. server backups, I call to get information on making a couple of business deals. Meanwhile, I have to have eyes in back of my head and on the security cameras to see if Frankie has carried off a piece of paper that’s important.

I sent a package of print materials that I need to the printer.

I design some new LinkedIn banners.

I make a bunch of marketing packets. I printed over 75 letters that I need for M. to sign when she comes back.

I get home at 7 p.m. I still need to eat dinner (a piece of salmon, a baked potato and broccoli) and then I have to head to the gym. I bet I get home around 10 p.m. It takes a lot of stamina to get through a day like today. But I have to do it and I will sell that piece if it’s the last thing I do. I absolutely have to conquer that challenge.

I’m just trying to make sure that every plane ends up on runway and not in a swamp.

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