Sneak Peek – This is the new Back Cover Advertisement…

06 Apr

I can go ahead and show you this because when the magazine is published, the publisher is going to give me the full digital copy and I’ll be able to post it here. She already told me to send it out.

This is the new back cover featuring the incredible 17.57 D Flawless Diamond. It’s a rare diamond that I put in the window each day. There are less than 10 stones like this in the world available for sale.

Very sexy….

17.57 D Flawless Diamond

And this is an inside page of the magazine with my photos and byline. I’ll show you the 12 page insert another day. I am all over this magazine.

If you’re interested in the ring, call or stop by tomorrow.

My advertising agencies were created many years ago with one simple principle, “We Create Memorable Experiences With Style.”

“We” being the client and I because all work – code, design, servers, photography, graphics, kiosk design and buildouts – we created by me.

I specialize in luxury brands.

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