Trying to decide what to do about next weekend…

05 Apr

Barrett Jackson’s is next weekend. I’ve been many times and I love the car auction. But I don’t have a date for next weekend and Barrett Jackson’s isn’t as much fun by yourself.

So I am contemplating two things – am I ready to get back in an airplane and go fly around Palm Beach for an hour. Or am I going to be so tired because this Sunday is my only day off in two weeks – do I just want to crash for the weekend and chill on a beach and get some rest?

I’m not sure yet.

I’ve have to go in tomorrow. I have to open the store on Worth and open the safe. It’s not my usual day of servers, web sites, social media, magazines, photography, operations, making deals with companies. Tomorrow I am sitting across from Frankie selling diamonds. I’ve been doing more of this kind of thing lately as I am learning all aspects of dealing in diamonds. In the market for a nice 5-10 carat, come see me tomorrow. I’ve still got that fabulous 17.57 D Flawless that’s about to become a famous back cover….

Remember a woman without diamonds is like the sky without stars.

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