Drop dead gorgeous….

04 Apr

I am having a five carat, cushion, blue topaz ring made for me. As you know Blue Topaz is not the world’s most valuable stone but it is my very favorite from an aesthetics perspective.

I also ordered five carat blue topaz earrings. I got the earrings today. They are gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. They are stunning. Nothing pops on me like that color and you know it’s my very, very favorite.

I am going to be a good girl and not wear the earrings until the ring is ready. The color of blue topaz I love is called Swiss Blue.

They made a 16 carat Blue Topaz, yellow gold and diamond ring at the store. They had me model it yesterday. It’s beautiful but I need to be like a foot taller and 100 lbs heavier to pull off a ring in that mount. It’s too big for my hand. But it’s beautiful. The price on the ring is $21,000.

They say, and I know it’s true that sparkly thing release endorphins in women. I am enjoying the endorphins from my earrings. When the ring is done I’ll get some photos. I’m not expecting it to be ready for another week.

I needed something to get me through a long week. M. has to go to Montreal to get Pius and Eva. They are coming to Palm Beach for two weeks. So I agreed to open the store on Saturday. That means only one day off this week. I try not to think about the number of hours I work every week. There’s so much on my plate.

At least now I have some drop dead gorgeous earrings to put a smile on my face.

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