The Wing Girls have spoken…

04 Apr

“It is time you move forward and on…”

“No more jerks.”

“Get serious about finding a guy. The right guy.”

“If you don’t find one, I’m going to find one for you.”

Like what are you just going to have him delivered to my door?????

Oh look what Julie got me this year for my birthday…a man. She even gift wrapped him. LOL. That’s Jules, so thoughtful.

Just one question, if this doesn’t work out, can I exchange him?

Oh, and Jules please don’t shop the “Buy one get one free” sale. I’m looking for a guy to date and I’m not interested in the sidekick that wants to go everywhere we go….

“You’re such a good catch but you need to find an equal. Or at least someone you can look up to…”

I heard it all ladies. I hear you and I’m thinking about what to do next.

Meanwhile, the posse will go out soon and we’ll do some looking.

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