Thank you for the compliment…

03 Apr

I told you about the ad campaign that’s going to run in this luxury magazine. There’s a back cover and a 12 page insert. I also have an article that is running with some photos.

The publisher of the magazine sent a gentleman from her office to pick up the 12 page inserts that are going to also be placed in the magazine.

He asked me if I was the model in the shots running next to the story. He had already seen the shots.

“Oh no that’s not me but I did take the photographs.”

After he leaves with the materials from the jewelry store on Worth, I get a phone call from the publisher.

“I just have to tell you what he said. He said, ‘Not only is she nice, but she’s really beautiful! I thought she was one of the models.”

Thank you so much for the compliment. That makes my day.

I can’t wait until the magazine is out.

I actually worked today on making one of the web pages match the 12 page insert.

I enjoyed the compliment I received last week as well. A week or so ago one of the diamond dealers was in and he said, “You’re such a gorgeous woman…”

Now I expect smooze from a diamond dealer….

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