Very excited about this advertising campaign…

30 Mar

I went into the office the day after my neck procedure just so I could make the deadlines on this ad campaign.

We will be having the back cover, inside full page advertisement, plus a special 12 page mini-catalog magazine insert and this magazine will be in:

The ship THE WORLD – where people own their apartments on the ship and travel the world. The magazine is the only magazine in their rooms and will be in the rooms for six months.

The Biltmore Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York

The Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach

Delta Sky Club – Miami International Airport

Delta Sky Club – Fort Lauderdale Airport

Delta Sky Club – West Palm Airport

Delta Sky Club – Atlanta

Naples Bay Club

Remember the day I modeled the 17.57 D Flawless Diamond? I took the ring off my hand and put it on a model who’s prettier and she will be the back cover.

In addition, I’ve got an article in the magazine with a byline for a piece on Style.

I am very excited by this package. When the magazine comes out, I’ll show you.

I just had to push through it to get it done. And tomorrow I’ll be going to the Palm Beach Boat Show and looking forward to a good show.

It was a tough week but I think I nailed it. We’ll see.

I’ve got photography, design work and an article on 14 pages in the magazine.


Late breaking news – This has NOTHING to do with politics. I heard they wanted it and so we agreed that the magazines would also be in the rooms of Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter. If they want it, who am I to say no.

What can I say, they like style.

I’ve actually seen this client before. When I was doing work for Arnold Palmer Apparel, I made the shirts for Pebble Beach tournament in California. That order was followed up by an order from the Trump Golf Club in Jupiter. So I made those shirts as well. It’s a client on the list, that’s all.

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