It’s done…

27 Mar

I think it went well but I won’t really know until tomorrow after the numbing medicine wears off.

We did three levels of the vertebra. Unfortunately, my injury starts at the base of the spine and is too high for an epidural.

So during the procedure, you can’t put a needle into where the hairline is located. So we went in at an angle. It worked until the needle and probe needed to come out and then it caught several inches deep. Absolutely excruciating. I think I held my breath.

After that there was some numbing medicine going in so I’ll know tomorrow after all that wears off.

I’m going back to sleep but so far I would give this a thumbs up and a big thank you to the doctor. I’m just worn out by it. The insurance changed what they used to pay for. In the past they paid for 3 levels. This was it was to. My doctor very graciously did a third level. I’m very appreciative.

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