The Palm Beach Boat Show is this weekend…

22 Mar

The Palm Beach Boat Show is this weekend. I missed last year but I’m going this year.

I can’t wait to see what’s new. Last time my favorite was a boat made by Princess. As usually, I’ll take some cell phone photos.

It’s always a fun time for food, drink and getting on board the boats to see what’s new in design for yachts.

I’ve been doing important diamonds now for over a year a half, I haven’t had a chance to think about the boats again. I’m looking forward to going.

It’s rained all week in Palm Beach but Saturday is supposed to be beautiful.

So much so, that I scheduled a brief photoshoot Saturday morning to get a multi-million dollar diamond shot. I just bought an advertising packing where we will be the back cover of the only magazine onboard the ship “The World.” That’s the ship where people have to own the apartments on the ship. It’s home to 60 residences.

The same magazine will also be delivered to to top level rooms at some famous golf resorts and hotels like the Biltmore.

I really hope I get a good shot Saturday. I am worried because the stone is so large that it bounces back the light. It’s very, very, challenging.

Then I’ll take it and make the advertisements.

And again this week, I am reaching out to people that I could see wearing our most prestigious pieces. My businesses are about sytle and I look at piece and try to to determine who I think the owner should be.


M. bought a yacht this year. I still have to design the boat name for the back of the boat. I’ve been advising her on what to do on a yacht. I advised her when she bought it. The show will give me a chance to see the latest and see if I can make an recommendations. She and I are both very different women who are not afraid to take on this kind of thing.

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