It’s not exactly true that I’m not a model…

26 Feb

Somebody said, “Why are you always fussing over your appearance, you’re not one of the models?”

I was a reluctant model at first. After all my place has always behind the computer or the camera…I work with lots of gorgeous women and interesting clients.

But I am a model for the jewelry store. When a customer comes in to buy a big fancy diamond ring or a necklace for their wife or girlfriend, they haul me out from behind the computer. I go into the showroom. Christopher puts the piece on me and the client walks around me trying to decide. I was the model for the meeting with a new piece we designed for QVC. He loved it so it worked.

Hard Rock Park did the same thing to me. When it was time to haul the limo out for the Christmas, they determined that I would be the one to be in the parade and do the Miss America wave.

I was a model for the Paraiba but I destroyed the photos and told M. “I’m the one that needs the work and I don’t like the photos. I don’t like what I see and that will change.” And it did. But it wasn’t a good idea for your negotiator and business liaison to be the model for that kind of piece. It’s better if the model is a different person. I’m not for sale, the piece is for sale.

I think the one exception would be if we took the necklace to another country, I might be the only available person to model it. Which I would do if we ended up in that boat without a better option. The business person in me says we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that sale. If you like a green eyed blonde who’s got some maturity on her, then fasten that clasp and evaluate away. With each piece over time I’ve learned how to move to give it maximum sparkle. The same with the rings. This is just business.

Occasionally, businesses like to capitalize on that look.

I’ve had some seriously big diamonds on my hands and those videos get sent all over the place. My ring size is a size 6 and that’s the standard size for a jewelry store.

So that’s one of the reasons that I wear a gown or a very expensive suit or nice dress every day. I dress to the hilt because if someone puts a $500,000 ring on your hand, you need to look like you can sell it.

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