Sometimes the truth about things comes out years later…

25 Feb

Over dinner with my mother, the truth finally comes out 38 years later. The reason why all six of us kids in the gifted program in middle school got suspended.

In the old days, gifted kids had class with just themselves. So it was me, Debbie, Gene, David, P.J. and Chris G. Chris was I think 3 years younger than the rest of us. He was so brilliant the kid had skipped like 3 grades. He always had his head in a J.R. Tolkein novel.  However, he had no social skills and didn’t talk to the rest of us. So we called him “The Baby Genius.”

We were on a field trip to the nature trail just outside of town and me, Debbie, Gene, David and P.J. were ALL basketball players. We ALL ran track and we liked to run and horse around. And I was the only cheerleader (they let me do it for the boys season and play basketball for the girls season). It was just the luck of the draw that we were all jocks with brains. And The Baby Genius didn’t play any sports. So we were getting ahead of where we were supposed to be on the trail. And somehow we lost The Baby Genius.

And we all got suspended for it. “I didn’t know, it was my job to watch The Baby Genius. Because he doesn’t talk, we forgot he was there.”

Hence I am sure my parents wondered why the entire gifted program except for Chris was suspended from school for a day.

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