Back from South Carolina…

24 Feb

As for the meeting with the attorney, we’re going to skip that conversation for now because it was very unpleasant.

As for seeing my mother, it was a hoot, as it usually is… we went out to eat and shop.

Friday night, we went out for Mexican. South Florida doesn’t really have an decent Mexican restaurants mostly because we don’t have any Mexicans. Hilton Head, however, is loaded with them and there are a few good choices in dining.

Saturday night, when I went to look for my favorite Sushi restaurant on the island, we discovered it was gone. A lot changes in a few years. So we found a new place called Okko’s on the Island and it was very good.

It was an endless comedy scene. My mother was not used to eating Sushi. So I ordered for us and I was trying to teach her how to use the chop sticks. At first she was able to push the food around the plate with them. Then there were the unsuccessful attempts to lift the piece of roll.  “Oh you almost made it to your mouth that time…”

Then there was, “The hell with this. Give me the fork.”

This is complete justice in my mind for all the times my mother had to teach me things in life and I felt stupid and incompetent while trying to learn them and she laughed at my attempts. Which is exactly what I was doing all through dinner.

It was all in good fun. I did also show mercy and order her some Miso soup and a salad (for which she could use the fork).

At the end of dinner she she said she liked the food. So that’s progress.

And I was entertained by the endless stories of her dance lessons with Armondo. Why did I know without even looking that he’s probably 20 years younger and a very good looking dance instructor.

“Yes, I need to go shopping for fishnet stockings.”

“You what?! Are you becoming a Cougar?”

“No, no, it’s not that! I’m dancing in a show and Armondo wants us to have fishnet stockings.”

I suddenly felt like I was on an episode of “The Golden Girls” as I watched my 71-year-old mother shop online for fishnet stockings.

Like I said, she’s a hoot. My mother was 21 years old when I was born. It becomes an advantage when I’m now 49 and she different from everyone else’s mother.


This morning at breakfast she told me there was a plane crash and the NTSB hadn’t released the names yet but there was a passenger on board.

I looked at what was released when I got home. I already know, he wasn’t the pilot. Two reasons, he wouldn’t even land at the Palm Beach County Park airport (where I go to fly) because the runways aren’t long enough in assessment. That crash was at Ridgeland, I can’t see him wanting to land there and number 2) he’s an expert at landings. I’ve never flown with anyone who’s got a touch that soft when it comes to landings. It’s just a shame he never had it with women. It was 3 years ago. I’m over it. But I’m also 90% sure, this plane crash is not his.

No one would be more shocked than me. I take more risks than he does. Eventually, the NTSB will release the names.

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