Enjoying my little piece of Heaven on Earth…

17 Feb

It’s a gorgeous day. Just the right amount breeze, the birds are talking away, the Palm trees are swaying in the wind and the water on the lake is glistening….I’m enjoying my little piece of Heaven on Earth with a glass of cucumber water. I shot a few small videos to show you below the photo.

To Play from YouTube

Enjoying the view video 1

Enjoying the view video 2

To download from this server:

Video 1 of the peaceful view

Video 2 of the peaceful view

I went to the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show today. I actually thought this was the most interesting item. It’s a coffee table made from a jet engine. I love it.  Click on the photo to see the video of it move (on YouTube).

Download the video from this server:


Another interesting item was a Faberge Egg.

There were lots of interesting stones and art items as well.

I did also find a potential lead for the sale of the Paraiba.

There’s a little exciting news for Carolina Web Development. One of my good clients called. When he started 2 companies, I created the web sites for him. He’s starting another company and so we’re going to talk on the phone tonight about what to do next. You always have favorite clients that you like to work with. I do really enjoy working with him.

Also the Rolls Royce magazine came out this week. The 2 page spread I did is in the magazine.

After the show I went for Sushi and these were today’s fortunes from the cookies.

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