I think the worst part of my week is over…

14 Feb

Hopefully, I’m going to get real sleep tonight.

If you followed me a long time, then you know about my neck injury that started 30 years ago.

I do what I have to do in order to keep it all going.

It’s time to do that procedure again where they kill the nerves in the back, right side of my neck.

I went in for the diagnostic this week. That’s where they inject a bunch of stuff in multiple sites and you wait an hour or so to see if they hit the right nerves. You call the doctor back after you’ve left and you tell them the percentage that it worked. Insurance used to pay for 3 levels. Now they only cover 2 levels. So my assessment I gave ended up being 75%, which is still worth doing the real procedure.

Unfortunately, the pain relief from the diagnostic wears off within five hours. Then you can’t sleep well for days because you feel like you were tortured. All you feel is sore.

I think those days are now past and I’m hoping to sleep tonight. Hopefully, we’ll get the real deal scheduled soon. The months right after the real deal are going to be the best months I’m going to have. I always look forward to getting to that point because it’s worth it.

I think this is like my 4th or 5th time of doing this. It has risks, and obviously they can be very, very serious but it allows me to keep moving forward.

But the test worked, no impairment of the right arm or hand.

If they would let me kill the nerves in my right shoulder, I’d do that too. However, I don’t think they can do it without impairment to the right arm.

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