Recap of my spa day at The Breakers

03 Feb

This was the kind of room I had for a day. This is one of their marketing photos and then you’ll see my quick pics.

I started at 9 a.m. The room really does look like this.

I had them lower the blinds because I wasn’t interested in giving the visitors at the ocean a free show.

We started off with the body scrub and the signature massage in the morning. Then I took a break to sit out by the pool and ocean to have a snack.

Then after a morning of massage, I took a shower in the steam shower. After that they came to the room and I had a facial. Then I had an hour to myself in the room. I ran a bath and put the tub on “wave” it imitates the waves and feel of the ocean. So I just floated in the tub for a half hour. Then I took another shower and then a brief nap.

In the afternoon, I went for an 80 minute pedicure that also included a foot massage. Then I had a manicure. Then I had about an hour of time, so I went back to the locker room and put on my makeup and selected a dress.

Then at 5:30 they came to do my hair. I had a glass of champagne while they did my hair.

So I snapped a quick pic in the locker room before I left of the look.

Then I went to HMF to meet Julie and Her Date for a cocktail. We chatted for about an hour. She told me Susie was in town so she texted her to come over. Julie and her date left and Susie joined me and we had a very, fun time laughing about funny stories.

Then we met a nice group of guys on vacation here. They were all retired hockey players from the NHL. We really enjoyed our conversations with them.

It was a very relaxing day and nice evening.

The day at the spa was a gift for a performance bonus. The only thing The Breakers didn’t do well was every staff member called me “Mrs. Kerbyson” all day. I’m not “Mrs.” anything. I finally asked a staff member why they were doing that and she said, usually it’s a man that pays this kind of bill. I found that a little irritating because here I am as a single woman, who earned this bonus and the bonus was paid for by a woman business owner. Don’t you find it a little insulting that people would call me “Mrs.”

At any rate that was the only thing that wasn’t done well. It just goes to show that we still live in a sexist world.

But I really enjoyed the day. I felt like melted butter by the end of the day. It was really nice to let go of the tension.

I’ll be picking up a Thank You present today for the bonus.

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