Imagine my surprise…

31 Jan

I was notified that when I purhcased my home a year ago, somehow they managed to miscalculate my property taxes in Palm Beach County.

They were off my thousands of dollars per year because they inadvertently inserted the amount of tax that was last charged when the property was purchased in 1994.

So even with my calculations, I thought I was astoundingly high until I spoke with the Property Appraisers office and I was informed that Atlantis is the highest tax bracket for ALL of Palm Beach County, FL.

I am not surprised because for 2000 residents we have our own police department and our own fire department and our own mayor and council.

We have four golf courses and a pool and cabana house per structure.

They are all expensive items.

But needless to say, there was a miscalculation and now I find myself writing a large check every year.

Not the kind of surprise I look forward to but one that I understand why it happened.

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