How funny…

26 Jan

My Mother in South Carolina had house guests who had a brand new, very expensive Porsche.

Her neighbors all called her and said, “Is Laura in town? Is she back?”

How funny. How truly funny.

No, I am sorry to tell you that what I said to G. many years ago is still true, “I have no plans or intentions to return to Hilton Head permanently.”

G. was going to come down to Palm Beach recently to have dinner with me. I know him well. Very well. I know when he’s bluffing and he was bluffing about a lot in his reasons for wanting a conversation. He could never understand that I always knew when he was lying.

And as I said before and it is still true, I have no intentions of returning for a life on Hilton Head.

Do I still service clients on Hilton Head and Bluffton – yes. But I can do it just fine from Palm Beach.

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