What I have to remember…

26 Jan

…is that this too will pass somehow, someway I will find answers.

I’ve had a successful career and life for 30 years because I always seem to find a way to solve some of life’s more complicated problems.

Two things that are always difficult to deal with are my neck and difficult personalities that some people can have. And one can definitely put stress on the other.

With my neck I just have to do what I have to do and then things will get better for a while.

In terms of the personalities, everyone within earshot got a tongue lashing today from a certain individual and no one was deserving of what got handed out. Our only comfort was that no one was spared and we were all in the painful mess together. Even the individual knew they were the problem and reluctantly admitted it by the end of the day. It doesn’t make it any easier for us because it happens a lot.

I’m always sensitive to that stuff. I don’t like it when people aren’t nice. They usually aren’t nice because they aren’t treating themselves well. They aren’t taking care of themselves and they lash out. Or they just aren’t nice people – I’ve had some dealings in my life with that type as well.

All I can ever say to myself is, I don’t want to be like that and I try to have an uncomplicated life that doesn’t cause a lot of problems. A few years ago I simplified my life greatly. It was a wise, wise move. I ended up with a happier life.

Everybody goes through rough spots occasionally. But some people become miserable because they let their lives get unmanageable.

For me, I don’t tend to get attached easily in a romantic relationship because because when I have a rough spot to deal with I send people away. And you don’t get attached to people who aren’t there for the painful days and everyone has them. So unfortunately I’ve learned that I tend to be the one who sticks around for other people’s bad days. And that’s been part of the success equation to a certain extent. But there are times when I doubt my wisdom for doing this.

Everything that has made this week unpleasant will eventually get solved one way or another.

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