Neck Procedure

25 Jan

I go every month for my neck, I have for years and years.

I went today and it was obvious that it’s time to do the neck procedure again. I was putting it off as long as I could but this week had so much stress that the additional muscle tension in my neck just turned it into fire.

So we’re going to go ahead and do it. It’s the same one I’ve had done four times. It’s brutal. They can’t give you anything to numb it. The first one is diagnostic. It’s not even like you could take a shot of whiskey. They have to put the needles in when you can feel everything because they have to hit the most painful part of the nerve so they can mark it for the actual procedure. During the actual procedure, they try to kill the nerve. It lasts about a year before it grows back.

It’s brutal. I hate doing it. It gets more painful each time because the needles have to go through scar tissue. But then a week after, I am so glad I did it because there will be some relief.

Right now, it’s just down right unbearable because there’s been too much tension on my neck this week. And of course, we have to wait for approval from the insurance company. They always approve it but it can take over a week to get the paperwork we need before we can do a diagnostic. It may take a month to get all the ducks in a row, but it will feel somewhat better after it’s over with.

I’m going to take a hot shower and put a patch on it to try to get it to let up.

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