It’s going to be a fabulous week…

20 Jan

Why you say?

Because of the simple things in life.

I have made my very favorite lunch to take to work this week. Part of my resolutions are always to cook more because I make everything fresh and organic and the things I cook are fewer in calories than eating out and generally taste better.

My very favorite lunch is my home made vegetable soup, a piece of bread with Irish butter, an apple and my homemade black, raspberry hibiscus iced tea. I built a big kitchen a year ago when I renovated the property that is now my home. I absolutely love this kitchen.

I have never, so much as thrown out one bowl of left overs of my vegetable soup. I went to the gym and came home and made it today and it’s perfect.

I also have an adorable little dress that I’m wearing tomorrow that I’ve never worn. Occasionally I say, “This is a week when you have to treat yourself right. Perfect food, enough rest, herbal teas, sugar-free hot chocolate, Spa “Laura” treatments, and long hot showers.”

It’s going to be a fabulous week.

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