The Indiana Jones type…

20 Jan

This week M. had me meet with a stone dealer who’s the Indiana Jones type. He travels to countries all over the world and goes to mines and finds the stones himself. When he sells the stones to people he can tell them the stories of how and where he found them.

You see it doesn’t really matter if it’s a fine stone or a fine guitar – if the piece has a story it gives credence to it’s provenance. It’s inherently more interesting than the next item.

That’s why for one of Guinness Book of World Record pieces that I am getting ready to market, I called the man who found the stone in Australia and I said, “Tell me everything about where and how you found it.” He is also an “Indiana Jones” type. It turned out to be a really fascinating story.

When most people think of jewelry they think of a beautiful woman or love. But there’s another side to the business and it’s the adventurer who understands the science of the gems – the geology and the geography from which they are found. This is our Indiana Jones type. They love the thrill of the chase and the hunt for the best and rarest. I get to have some very interesting conversations with these guys.

I think we’re going to host a party for our best clients and let our new friend who’s an Indiana Jones type educate them. Men always want to know more than other men about something. This gives them the opportunity to actually learn. We can serve champagne and make a party of it.

So I took him over to the Sunrise Avenue store to show him the space because it is much larger than the Worth Avenue store. While we were there his inquisitive mind asked me all kinds of questions about the Internet, Servers, how I grow traffic, marketing strategies, strategies about look and feel, what makes a sellable image, etc.

When we got back to Worth Avenue, he said to M. “That woman’s a genius.”

“Oh yes, I know. I’m well aware,” she said and smiled at me.

People don’t really get a sense of it until they ask me for my expertise.

So I think this will make a very interesting party in Palm Beach.

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