A fun art show…

18 Jan

I had a great time last night at the Art Show at the Palm Beach Convention Center. A good friend was in town and asked me to go.

Of course I saw several other friends from recent parties that we’ve all attended in Palm Beach.

I saw Julie at the show. We had corresponded by text earlier when she told me she was in the New York Post Gossip Column that day for going to the art show.

I told her, “Next time have Cindy Adams call me and I’ll send her a much better photo of you.” It’s always a good day when you get mentioned in the same sentence as Mick Jagger. He was always one of my favorites.

Sporting my signature colors of course, I ran into a fashion designer friend who had to snap a photo of me. She called me this morning and we’re going to get together one weekend so I can see her recent work.

It’s always fun to see friends when you’re out.

In business news, I am back on Worth Avenue. M. called me this morning to say how much she missed me and she needed my skills and talents back at the Worth Avenue store. So I moved all the employees out of the Sunrise Avenue location. That location will now be closed during the day. It will only be open in the evenings.

When I got back to Worth, everyone welcomed me home and sure enough there was a matter that really needs some attention.

It’s always nice to hear, “Welcome back. We missed you.”

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