Filing an FTC Complaint Against Apple

15 Jan

When the government shutdown is over, I’m filing an FTC complaint against Apple.

My account was breached because of their security issues and then they had the audacity to turn around and tell me that if it was breached again they would shut down my account.

I’m not responsible for your security problems. That’s like saying end users of web sites are responsible when they’re are hackers that attack the servers. As as being one of the people responsible for those servers, I would never do that an end user.

I will not stand for that kind of injustice from a greedy monopoly that has gone too far.

Oh and on another note, why wasn’t Apple held accountable for fraud when it was discovered that your system updates are intended to deplete your battery and shorten the life of your hardware. I was just told that if users don’t update their software, Apple is not responsible and can shut down your account. Gee, they aren’t updating the devices, because you were crooks.

Apple needs to be prosecuted for this. How dare you?

Enough is enough.

When the government reopens, I’ll be writing every government agency and legislature about the prosecution of what is really is going on here.

We can not make end users responsible for the damages that hackers cause.

And I’ve had my absolute fill of personal distaste in watching a company get rich off it’s customers and then treat them with little respect when they are brought a problem to which they should be solving.

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