There’s never a dull a day…

03 Jan

It was a 12 hour day because we moved half the office to the Sunrise Avenue location in Palm Beach.

We’re hiring for a new photographer to work under me. Yes I shoot the work, but now my work is so large I need someone to share in those duties.

Well it got interesting today because a new guy on trial’s first assignment is to shoot a belt shot.

So when the comps were finished, M. comes and tells me what she thinks.

I can’t be as blunt as our conversation because we’re two women in our 50s who’ve been around the block a few times. But basically she wants me to tell the new photographer that he needs to shoot it again. There needs to be more crotch and more leg showing in order to be sexy. We are selling something and it has to be sexy.

“And you want me to explain this to a 25 year old?”

Of course she does. I’ll be straight and to the point because what we do in advertising is a sexy business and we have to be able to take legitimate feedback and implement it. But I bet this kid still turns five shades of red when I explain.

There’s never a dull day around here…

I thought wait a minute…when her brother was the model she had me cut off his you know what. Oh that’s because it was her brother…

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