Think about who to pull from the rolodex…

30 Dec

It was not an exciting night. We started off at The Honor Bar and then the Palm Beach Grille and then Bucaan’s.

I was more than a little bored so my head turned to business.

You know I’ve now been put in charge of marketing the Guinness Record Book pieces for M. at the jewelry store on Worth. It’s a very lucrative deal for my personally if I sell one of them.

One I definitely see as a piece for the right country music star. So in my head I’m thinking – you know when I worked for Hard Rock and we were building the theme park, what artists did we have in “Cool Country”, who was in “Rock n’ Roll Heaven”, etc.

For the country section, I was able to think of about 52 names and addresses of potential candidates.

For other other piece, I still think it should belong to a Queen or a Queen of Rock or Pop – someone who really dominates the industry.

And so I made my list. The big problem is that the music industry would recognize my name, but they won’t recognize M.’s name and that could blow the whole deal right at the very beginning.

I don’t know what to do about that.

I also made a list of 190 celebrities and addresses that I had. Now I have to consider that list careful and think about who really show own the piece. It has to be the right person.

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