27 Dec

A friend just texted me and said, “Didn’t you own a white Porsche?”

Nope. Navy Blue. White is not a custom color for Porsche. Navy Blue is a custom color. I drew the white one for Porsche Clubs of America but mine was Navy Blue.

That was the car that I ended up calling “The Greedy Bitch” because the tires cost me $1000 each because I put 20 inch performance wheels on it, I lost the engine at 60,000 miles and then I was hit (car accident that was not my fault). I had ripped out all the electronics and replaced the center console. That car got more love than far most of them. One year I paid $8000 for tires because I went through 2 sets.

Butwhen something finally costs you enough money, you get rid of The Greedy Bitch even though you loved it. I’m right aren’t I?

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