Christmas was great…

26 Dec

Julie and I partied it up.

We had a very fun dinner with Monica and Leo at the Chesterfield. We ended up going last night and as is usual with me, we were the last car to leave. We all had a blast.

What did I wear? I wore a full length silver skirt and fully sequined and beaded top with a string of pearls and some bling on the ears and the new ring on the right hand. Monica and Jules thought I looked like a princess. Monica had given me the top so I wanted to wear it for her.

We got some good laughs over Monica’s comments about the red dress. “Have you seen her in the red dress? She is sexy beast in that dress!”


Jules stayed over and I got up and made a nice gourmet breakfast. In the afternoon, we walked the neighborhoods, saw the country clubs and the golf courses and when the sun came out she got to see the sparkle on the lake behind where I live. She loved the view. Everyone does. She loved what I had done with the real estate. I ripped out everything last January and redesigned this property.

We fed the ducks. She loves that.

We had horderves in the afternoon and I made us Channel No. 6’s. Then I cooked a really nice Christmas dinner.

Jules saw the New Orleans Project I designed and then walked away from when I felt like I was being dealt with dishonestly. She heard the whole sorted story.

Friends and family were very good to me this year.

I got a 4 carat Emerald Cut White Sapphire with Two Trillions set in 14K white gold. It’s a rock. I have small hands so it looks like a rock. Monica gave me crap about it, “You can’t wear it in front of guy because they’ll think you’re married.”

‘It’s on my right hand. Besides, I need a nice piece of bling for work, right?”

Jules said, “It looks like a diamond but why not a diamond? It looks just like a diamond.”

But both of them expressed concern that you don’t want to look too successful or guys make a target out of you. I’ve been dealing with that for years. I just have to find the right person who’s ok with who I am. It is what it is and I am what I am. Women like me do not grow on trees I do agree with that…

Good question – because I constantly work with my hands and white sapphires are harder than diamonds. On a rating scale diamonds are rated harder but my experience is the white sapphire is more durable. Anyone who’s ever chipped a big diamond knows that they are hard to scratch but you can chip them. White Sapphires take more punishment but look like diamonds. My pink and white is a pink sapphire with white sapphires. This is the same size stone as my big ring but it’s a different cut – it’s Emerald cut. I don’t do 18K because I’ll ding it. 14K is harder.

She gave me $500 in cash. Jules gave me a new beautiful turquoise purse.

Another friend sent a beautiful gift from Tiffany’s. I love it. It’s perfect.

Jerzey brought in chocolates for me from overseas. Monica gave me a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate with…

It was a really nice Christmas.

Thank you to everyone.

Want to see the ring?


It’s funny because I never thought of myself as a model. But I keep hearing Monica and Julie say, “You’re a model, you know…”

It’s true when someone comes into the store to buy a diamond for their girl, they now drag me out of the back away from my servers, web site, advertising, my models, the deals, etc.  to model the ring, or the earrings, etc. They make videos of them and send them to clients.

I modeled the Paraiba once and told Monica, we can’t use this.  I hated the shots the photographer took. I’m in better shape now than I was back then but I’m a little uncomfortable being the model for a Guinness Record Piece. But those shots were a motivating factor in getting my game together. I hated them. I still like being behind the camera but I can do a better job now then when I started because I’ve learned a lot from Julie. And Monica pushed me to become “the sexy beast..” They definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

I am still unsure about the contacts or glasses thing so we’ll use both in life.

Jon Binkowski did that to me at Hard Rock Park. “Guess what? You’re going to be the girl with the limo in the Christmas Parade who does the Miss America wave!” I did it but that was not the job of the Kickass Web Mistress.

Of course this was back then…

But it is true that I’ve now modeled hundreds of millions of dollars of diamonds and gemstones. You just don’t realize it’s me.

And the bottom line is, I’m responsible for the security and placement of those pieces. Jules says, “You have one dangerous job.”

It doesn’t bother me at all. Every business venture has a risk. This is just part of the job.

I think I’ve learned the hard way, I need to protect myself like I do those diamonds.

Jules made the comment everyone does who meets me in person, “How do you get that skin?”

So I showed her some of my secrets and what I do. People get amazed at how soft it is. This is what your best girlfriend is for – you teach me to pose and I’ll teach you about great skin. I’m known for having answers about all kinds of things you can’t imagine, but sometimes people get surprised when I can show them answers to something like great skin – it is after all your largest organ.

Then she wanted to know, “How do you get your hair that texture?”

Easy. Let me show you.

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