Do I want to see “Mary Queen of Scots?”

19 Dec

Of course I do. It’s in my plans for the holiday.

My maiden name is Fleming and my family is descendant from Mary Fleming, the second cousin (technically half-first-cousins however you count that) and best friend of Mary of Queen of Scots. She was one of the four “Marys” in which the Queen surrounded herself.

Cumbernauld Castle in Scotland was one of the Fleming Castle’s. Queen Mary was there when the roof caved in and the castle came down.

Many, many years ago now, I was asked to do a radio show in Cumbernauld because I had made a video game called Fleming Castle. I had recently been assigned to teach a video game degree in addition to my usual web development and graphic design programs.

So as one of the early games I did before joining Hard Rock was Fleming Castle.

It was really stunning to do the radio show in Scotland because until I told them the history of Cumbernauld Castle, they didn’t know before Cumbernauld House that there had been a castle on the land.

They interviewers were so sweet. They wanted to know what my favorite food was…They thought it was sweet that a descendant was teaching them about their local history. It was a fun show.

So of course I want to see the movie.

As some of you know my name is Laura Fleming Kerbyson. I was married 25 years ago and never dropped the Kerbyson after the divorce because so many people knew me professionally as Laura Kerbyson.

I pulled the game Fleming Castle and Tertullian’s Tomb from the Internet when I wanted out of that industry. I always felt like I was kind of thrown into that industry when Ohio had me make that college program. We were on the front page of Google News back then for being one of the first colleges in the country to offer a game design degree. The last games I made were for Hard Rock Park’s web site. And some of you know I was the Kickass Web Mistress of Hard Rock.

As you know, I still own my web companies and designer label.


And as you know the Fleming family was very divided between being Protestant and being Catholic.

I am a confirmed Catholic and when I was married 25 years ago, I was married in the Catholic church. When all the scandals broke out within the church, admittedly, I quit attending after raising a lot of money for the Catholic Church. That in part is how St. Mary’s Church in Marietta, Ohio became St. Mary’s Basilica by order of the Vatican. There are only 69 Basilica’s in the United States.

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