There’s a divided opinion…

18 Dec

After Jules raved about the contacts I show up for work and several people are like, “Where’s the glasses! I like the glasses!”

I do too actually which is why I ordered a new pair exactly like the old pair except with the new prescription (which is actually better than the old one). I just like the sporty frames.

They came in this evening. I see laser sharp out of these things. So yes, I’ll have some contacts and Jules is going hate me, but I’m also wearing the glasses. I don’t know why people are so divided about this issue. I find it very strange that people generally feel one way or the other about it. Just consider it different looks I guess.

On other news, Monica asked me to fill in for her today. I had a nice lunch today with the Ladies of the Palm Beach Symphony luncheon. They were lovely. We had a very good time.


See they are just like the old ones. It’s been a long day and this is not fresh makeup so don’t hold it against me. Her favorite color is red. M. is a red fanatic. My favorite is blue but I have on red because of the lunch today. This is not a great picture but you get the point.

Yes, Governor…you can still my eyes with glasses on. :) I think I look like a Christmas tree today…

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