Papperotzi & Loyalty….

16 Dec

I would say that is a fitting title for what went down last night.

First, it was a really rocking party that then spilled over into an after party at HMF at The Breakers. I have certain friends in my life that are fiercely loyal and protective and last night it was on full display. I am grateful to have a friend like Julie. You’ll see why by the end of the story.

The evening started off with Jules wanting me to wear my new contacts and a turquoise dress. She knew that at the party there would not be soul in that color but me and it would stand out. Friends and business associates from Hilton Head are now probably laughing hard because I built one of my original businesses by always dressing in that color and going to all the Chamber of Commerce meetings and parties. Everyone knew me for the color. I essentially branded my self.

So I pick Julie up and we arrive at the party and she’s checking out the dress and the eyes. “Oh my God your eyes are gorgeous! You can’t go back to the glasses. You look so beautiful tonight.” Of course I thanked her for the compliment. It was a sweet thing to say. And I had forgotten that once I leave contacts in for a few hours and my eyes get slightly irritated, they really glow green blue. By the time I got home last night at 2 a.m. they were down right radioactive.

And then about every 10 minutes she would tell me the same thing about how beautiful I look. I told her, “Your starting to sound like Monica. She tells me this every day. I honestly thought it was a Monica thing.” Jules says no it’s not. “You look like a doey eyed kitten and that’s what I’m going to call you from now on – Kitten. Seriously, you have like an angelic quality about you and it comes out in your eyes. ”

Cesar, who was one of photographers thought I looked like an angel and yes, Monica has said that too.

So I told Jules, “If I could just get a man to gush over me the way you and Monica do, I’d have made.” So Jules tells me, you don’t realize it but you have that effect on men. I wouldn’t have guessed that how interesting.

So Jules had a long list of people for me to meet at the party, some personal and some business. And they started making their way to us throughout the evening.

So one gentleman and his lovely wife and I had an impromptu meeting. Other people heard the conversation so I can’t say that this is some big secret because it isn’t. He worked for Harry Winston. So I let him know about one of most important pieces -  that we are considering selling the World Record Paraiba Tourlamine. And I would give Harry Winston, or any member of it’s executive suite, an open invitation to come and see me and view the Paraiba.

To me, if they have any interest, now is the time for us to discuss it. Because if we end up taking it to auction, they will end up paying more for the piece because we have to pay the auction house. So this was a party for pleasure so they weren’t carrying cards. So I gave them my card and if they would like to see it they’ll find me. Without having a card in hand, I can not tell you the gentleman’s rank within Harry Winston. His wife certainly had some beautiful diamonds on and she looked stunning. We also discussed Harry Winston’s recent purchase of the world’s largest pink diamond from a Christie’s auction.

So right after we left the discussion, the Papperotzi shows up and wants a Photo of Jules and I. I honestly didn’t think they knew my name but I heard a lady say, “That’s Laura Kerbyson, the designer and that’s Julie Hayek, Miss USA and first runner up for Miss Universe.”

Well as you know, my comfort level is behind the camera. I have a reputation for making people look very good in photos among the many other things that I do.

So comfortable or not. I posed for the shots with Jules. Then I said to Jules, “You really have a lot more to teach me about being in front of the camera…” And so then a nice young lady walked up to me and gave me a nice compliment. She said, “I’ve been watching you and you have so much class. I’m from Miami and we don’t see that very often.”

“Thank you so much..” What a nice thing to say. I have no idea where those photos are going to show up.

So we had a good time at this rocking party. It was an opening for club in West Palm called “Todd’s.” They built it like a club in Miami so the energy level is high. The owners came over and spent a good amount of time talking to Julie and I and we all had cocktails together.

So then we headed out to the after party at HMF at The Breakers. When we got to The Breakers, Jules says, “I have something I want to talk to you about. I made an appointment and I went to see some experts and I have some cards for you.”

I knew instantly, we were not talking about diamonds anymore. I was the victim of a crime and it’s a very complicated. It does unfortunately change your life after something like that happens. But what a good friend to take the time to make an appointment and go talk to some experts and then bring back cards. And so she told me, “The people who were supposed to handle this have been jerks and so in the future, I don’t want you calling the police, I want you calling this number.” She had some other ideas about a weapon.

She asked if Monica knew the whole story. “I said no, because honestly if she knew the whole story, someone would be dead by now.” I’m not quite sure why I inspire such love and loyalty but the reality is that I do. I still remember the trip that Monica made to New York where they were going to shoot the Paraiba for a magazine cover and at dinner in the middle of a New York restaurant, the publisher decides to criticize me and a huge screaming match ensued between Monica and the Publisher and the whole thing ended with, “FUCK YOUR COVER! You do not speak about Laura that way!” I heard the whole story from Cesar and Monica when they came back. Honestly, it just makes me love the woman more after someone does that for you.

So the after party when on at The Breakers and at one point I’m talking to gentleman who’s getting a little too fresh and Jules walked up and grabs him by the back of the shirt and says, “Get your hands off her.” So he leaves and Jules said, “I’m going to tell you who you can talk to because this is what worries me. Ok, see that guy over there…Yes you honey, come here…talk to this one, he’s ok.”

And so with that the momma cat had come out, extended her claws and dealt with that problem. And the momma cat picks up the kitten and drops her where she wants her to be. And we laugh because I am so tenacious in business.

When it got to be very late, and people have had too much to drink and say things they shouldn’t I dealt with it for her. This guy was being really disrespectful to me and then to her. So I said, “Jules, walk to the end of the bar with me. This guy is being really disrespectful and you’re trying to defend yourself and you don’t need to do that. You don’t need this. Let’s just walk away.”

So when we got to the end of the bar, she starts fixing my hair and putting my hair behind her ears. A gentleman was staring at us so Jules turns and says, “We’re not lesbians, we’re more like family, except we ‘re not technically.” He laughed and said, “You two obviously have a tight bond. That was an intense conversation.”

And that’s the truth we do. AndI have with Monica as well.

So we got caught up on things that have been happening since Jules was in New York. I told her about my friend Nick that gave me the security camera for the front door, which we both agreed was a really nice thing to do. Nick is a very classy guy and we’re friends. He lives in New York and isn’t in Palm Beach very much. I live on hole number 3 on the golf course and his second home is on hole number 1 and that’s how we became friends. He’s just not here very often so good friends is where we’ve left it.

But it means a lot to me to have friends like Julie and Nick who actually care. If Nick and I go to dinner, he always walks me to the car or door. If he ever needed anything, I wouldn’t think twice about doing it. Jules was not happy when she found out the last date I went on the guy did not walk me to my car. And it turns out she knew the guy and I’m not surprised since Jules knows everyone. So that launched us into a conversation about why do we sometimes like men who really are not probably good for us.

And this guy who was just hanging out with us says, “Men are no good. They’re jerks. I can tell you this because I’m one of them. But it’s like you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.” To which, we got a good laugh.

I was very intrigued by a famous designer that Jules knows. He was impeccably dressed. I enjoyed the conversation. Later, I had a nice conversation with an architectural designer from Delray.

So what can I say, Julie’s a friend. I love her and after last night, I love her even more. She is the perfect example of that beauty is not just skin deep.

As always it was an interesting and fun evening.

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