It reminds me of my college students…

13 Dec

We have a 21 year old on the team, that wasn’t really been given any work that would result in skills. He’s C.’s son and M’s nephew.

I asked to have him assigned to my area and projects. When I was a professor, I had two campuses, 50 instructors and my classes were full because I was a popular professor.

So I’ve been treating him like my college students. I had him assignments, I teach him things…and just even 2 days later, it’s like the transition between a kid and a young man. He’s more confident, energetic and putting far more effort into his job. Now there’s more pride in his work.

It reminds me of working with my college students. When I would first get them, they wouldn’t have any confidence and then a few years later, they walked and talked like professionals.

I used to say that I was in the business of building people.

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