Fabulous party…

11 Dec

Jules and I had a fabulous time at The Breakers Party for the Civic Association.

We really did. We always have fun but we really had fun tonight.

And I choose the “Black Beauty Dress” and it was a real hit. Even Julie said, “That dress looks nothing like that on the form. You do it Justice!”


And fun that M. and Leo showed up as well.

Loved meeting all the new people. You were great and we had a great time.

Even I blushed when the 28-30 year old hit on me. “I thought, Oh God does he realize my age.”

Jules said, “Yes but you look fabulous and he could just end up being your best friend.”

Honestly, you know who stole the show? It was this couple that we met that had been married for 64 years. They were so cute together that you just had to fall in love with them as a couple.

I told the gentleman, “You know what? To have her, you are the luckiest, luckiest man in this room.”

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